Paws for thought, SPA Mornac

As avid animal lovers, we were shocked to read across many social spaces the financial plight of SPA Mornac, drastically short of funds to support 360+ dogs; we had to do something.

So at the end of June, we shared across our own social spaces that the Auberge would be a donation station for food. Bags and bags of flood flowed in, and on Tuesday, 27th June, we headed to SPA Mornac with over 1000€ worth of food donated by our customers and those who had read/seen our post across social networks. Staff and volunteers greeted us at the SPA and gave us a tour of the SPA. It was pretty emotional seeing so many animals. As well as finances, we asked, ‘What else did the SPA need immediately’? Blankets and towels and sheets. And so we set about getting those donated too. We also offered to run a ‘Buy a Dog a Dinner’ campaign, allowing visiting diners to donate and for us to do our bit and raise some much-needed cash.

The profile of the SPA has reached far and wide throughout July, with many other businesses creating their campaigns and volunteers organising events to raise much-needed funds, which has also led to many animals being successfully adopted/fostered. We must admit, we couldn’t walk away without offering a home to two darlings.

One of their volunteers, Mickey Hunt, who has raised a lot of funds for them, chose Auberge du Noyer to host a Secret Bottle Auction & Curry Night. So on Wednesday, 26th July, 48 guests from Mickeys Activities and 51 guests from the Auberge raised 1505€. Nothing short of a miracle, bearing in mind the event was organised in a matter of weeks! A great turnout, great prizes, and a substantial amount of money was raised.

We visited SPA Mornac on Saturday, 30th July with Mickey, to deliver the latest food/blanket donations and hand over the 1505€ raised at the Secret Bottle Auction and 535€+ from the Buy a Dog a Dinner campaign.

We want to extend huge thanks to everyone who has donated, Mickey for organising a successful auction, and everyone who has done their bit to support SPA Mornac.

While still in a financial danger zone, the level of support from the wider community in a short space of time has been incredible, and we are hopeful that SPA Mornac can continue its excellent work. A SPA housing, feeding, walking, and looking after so many animals, needs constant support.

For more information about SPA Mornac and to donate directly, visit here

For more information about Mickey’s Activities visit here

The Auberge du Noyer Monthly Quiz – August 16th Quiz Night – donation to SPA Mornac

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